$14,350 for Wildlife Protection in Kenya – The Perfect World Foundation

$14,350 for Wildlife Protection in Kenya

The Perfect World Foundation’s partner, the Big Life Foundation, is dedicated to safeguarding wildlife and their habitats in Kenya. The Perfect World Foundation is now supporting Big Life Foundation’s work on the ground in Kenya with a donation of $14,350.

Big Life Foundation combats poaching of all species, including elephants, lions, and the endangered rhinoceros. One of their most successful conservation strategies involves the use of tracker dogs. Additionally, local community rangers work together to stop crimes against animals, including anti-poaching efforts and mitigating human-wildlife conflicts.

We are confident that this donation from The Perfect World Foundation will provide Big Life Foundation with the resources they need to continue their vital work in preserving Kenya’s wildlife. Together, we strive to create a perfect world where all creatures share our planet in harmony and peace. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Big Life Foundation and making a difference for our wildlife.

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