About TPWF – The Perfect World Foundation


The Perfect World Foundation was founded in early 2000 by Mrs. Ragnhild (Rags) and Mr. Lars Jacobsson, and became an official non-profit organization in 2010, with the sole purpose to protect wildlife in crisis, partly through direct aid but also by increasing knowledge and spreading awareness.

The organization’s focus is ranging from supporting wildlife organizations and grassroot projects in the field to create and run own projects, focusing on climate, poaching, wildlife trade, education, tree planting, ocean plastic cleanups, ghost nets and much more. Our focus is primarily on finding solutions to the cause of the problems but also to support the effects. We believe in the importance of joining forces with likeminded people, companies and other organizations to create most possible impact.

On a yearly basis the organization is awarding “the conservationist of the year” with The Perfect World Foundation Award. The award was created to show gratitude for a person’s valuable work to highlight and increase awareness around wildlife. During the years the award has become one of the world’s most honorable conservation awards.