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There are numerous ways of helping the environment and our planet’s wildlife in need. The Perfect World Institute (TPWI) is the branch of The Perfect World Foundation that focuses on the development of planet-smart solutions with technologies that present opportunities to create the rapid and necessary changes that must urgently take place. These changes are, for example, to reduce the use of fossil fuels and thereby reduce CO2 emissions which in turn counteracts global warming, as well as the development of new technologies and products to reduce the use of plastic, microplastic contamination, chemical usage, etc.

TPWI’s mission is to work as an independent unit, with its sole focus to make the world a better place through the development of new sustainable, planet-friendly and climate-smart solutions. There are already many companies on the market that develop new innovative technologies, but there are also many companies that do everything in their power to protect and promote their own technology, even at the expense of more sustainable initia­tives, that get pushed out of the market.

Our view is that one of the most effective ways to speed up the process and optimize the development of new planet-smart technologies is through an independent, non-profit organization, whose only interest is to create a world that is as perfect as possible for our future generations. The non-profit wildlife conservation and environmental preservation organization The Perfect World Foundation was officially established in 2010, and at the same time United Sun Systems (now TEXEL Energy Storage) was set up by the same founders, Lars and Ragnhild Jacobsson. Right from the start they decided to donate a large part of their common shares in TEXEL to The Perfect World Foundation, to secure the organization’s important future work. The innovation company TEXEL is developing a new battery technology for energy storage that will reduce the need to use fossil fuels and actualize the use of renewable energy.

While working on developing a cost-effective and sustainable solar energy technology and the battery storage solution (TEXEL), with the objective of reducing global CO2 emissions, the idea for an independent institute emerged. An institute that independently would unite the world’s leading politicians, specialists and companies in different fields so they could share their experiences, regardless of their financial interests, with a common goal; to quickly develop commercial and planet-smart solutions.

We can all agree that there is no single solution that will solve all of the world’s problems, but the various viable technologies and solutions are important pieces in the global planet-smart puzzle. But developing innovative solutions requires more than just new technologies. Often, lots of technical expertise, experience, large global networks and investors are required to help finance the idea and the development of the technology, as well as government support, communication with universities, and state laboratories. In addition, commercial and industrial knowledge, industrial and production networks, customer relations, commercial financing, legal competence for patents, written contracts and much more may be necessary. Much of this is available and well established through The Perfect World Institute and our global network.

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