TPWF plants 80,000 trees in Kenya

The Attenborough Forest is The Perfect World Foundations global tree planting project. The first tree was plantet by Sir David Attenborough in The Botanical Garden of Gothenburg in September 2018, with the goal of planting 1 million trees.  

Mia Collis TREES1 4

TPWF have now planted 80,000 trees in Kibwesi Forest in Kenya, and besides reducing CO2, it will help restore the eco system. The forest was heavily degraded, especially around the edges, where largely uncontrolled firewood collection, charcoal burning, wood carving and livestock incursions heavily impacted vegetation. Since there is still a relatively healthy ecosystem in place, we will also employ an enrichment planting strategy, to replace particular species that were heavily targeted in the past.

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 Mia Collis TREES1 1

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