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When United Sun Systems was founded in 2010 (now TEXEL Energy Storage), founded by The Perfect World Foundation founders Lars & Ragnhild Jacobsson, a larger part of the new company was donated to the organization.


There are many ways, and many ways are needed to save our planet and its inhabitants. The Perfect World Foundation is working hard on the one hand to educate and raise funds for emerging crisis areas, and TEXEL works on the other side to find the necessary technical solutions to replace fossil fuels as soon as possible and hopefully reduce the number of crisis areas.

TEXEL was originally founded as a solar technology company focusing on a new solar technology that could store the solar energy to deliver electricity, not only during the light hours of the day, but even more importantly during the dark hours. In pursuit of solar energy, the company signed an agreement with Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL), one of the US Department of Energy's (DOE) Seventeen National Laboratories, commissioned by the country's then president Harry S Truman in 1948 to produce a hydrogen bomb. During the development of this bomb, a side product was created, which through a chemical metal mix, hydrogen and heat, formed the new "Metal Hydride" technique.

srnl uss

In September 2018, TEXEL and the new technology was named "The Sucess Story beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries" by the US Department of Energy, DOE, and Stanford University at a summit in Silcon Valley. The reason for this award was that it was now understood that a laboratory that attempted to develop a hydrogen bomb and United Sun Systems, at the time, a company that wanted to solve a storage for a solar technology, had developed a completely new way of addressing the future needs of a new battery technology.

TEXEL's plans for a listing in Sweden was put on hold and the company has now begun a new route forward. The new route was created when they realized that they were not only competitive as a battery technology for solar energy, but also a technology that is 95% cheaper than lithium batteries for cars, buses, lorries, boats, ferries and for storing large-scale energy from solar cells and wind power.

What keeps the world from finally taking a step into the future and replacing fossil fuels is a viable battery solution. Maybe we are now there :)

TEXEL Energy Storage

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