The Climate Conference 2018

The Climate Conference in Gothenburg Botanical Garden became a content rich conference with about 300 participants. Our goal of the conference was to spread information in a fun and easy-to-understand manner, but with important and urgent topics. In fact, this was done in an extraordinary way by our invited speakers, and all media that were there and reported were also a receipt that there were interesting subjects in the Botanical Garden.

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No less than Shannon Elizabeth, acteress who also runs the non-profit organization Animal Avengers, was the moderator of the conference, and the speakers we were given the opportunity to listen to where:

Sir David Attenborough, the world's most famous nature and animal journalist, and the man behind the British voice in most of the nature programs on television in the last 40 years.

Dr. R.K Pachauri, former chairman of the United Nations Climate Panel and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize 2007.

Sarah, The Duchess of York, The Perfect World's global ambassador.

Mats Torring and Taina Flink, Business Development at Stena Recycling

Rags & Lars Jacosson, founders of The Perfect World Foundation and the solar energy company United Sun Systems.

Palle Stenberg, CEO of Nudie Jeans who wants to work to make the world more fair through jeans.

Taegen Yardley, just 15 years old, but she has already been in the United Nations, spoke at

Vermont Statehouse, and organized "rallies" to fight for endangered African elephants.

Dr. Bethanie Carney Almroth, Ecotoxicologist and Associate Professor at Gothenburg University

Lena Malm, Mayor of Gothenburg

After these great speakers and panel discussions, the day was crowned when Sir David Attenborough planted a magnolia in Gothenburg's botanical garden.

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