TPWF on a new Arctic Expedition

The Perfect World Foundation made a following up Expedition to the Arctic also this year to find out if there were any changes...

TPWF brought 10 guest-expedition members on the Expedition 2018 to Svalbard and up above the 80th degree North to understand more about the Climate Change and the effect on wildlife, which is this year’s mission for The Perfect World Foundation.


The adventurer and TPWF ambassador, Ola Skinnarmo, is going through the trip carefully before leaving the civilization in LongyearByen to go north towards the North Pole.


The area that we could refer to as one of the most inaccessible and unexploited areas in the world is far from unaffected by humanity, but heading north from the north is still an adventure. The melting glaciers reminds us of the Climate Change and the fact that the water that normally is +3 degrees has been measured as high as +13 degrees in the area, and the ice is melting faster than ever before.


In the south part of Svalbard we could not find any polar bears as the fjord ice was melted, and the fjord ice is the hunting ground for polar bears where they are waiting for the seals to show up. But after 3 days sailing north in to the drift ice from the north pole we finally met the first polar bears. Two adults,  one together with its two hungry cubs, fighting for the last remaining’s from a seal.


The wildlife in the Arctic is absolutely amazing, but unfortunately in a huge change. You can find pieces of plastic in more than 75% of all the birds, and scientists are claiming that this is affecting the reproduction. 





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