Funds raised through the necklace "Sudan" to fight poaching

The Swedish jewelry designer Johan Billgren has raised awareness and funds together with The Perfect World Foundation through the necklace "Sudan" to help saving the rhinos. They decided to donate the raised funds to the Black Mamba Anti Poaching Unit, a unit with mainly female rangers, in South Africa fighting poaching. They are patrolling the reserves unarmed and have stopped many poachers during the years. For their great efforts they have also been named "Champions of the Earth" by the UN.

You can continue to support by buying the "Sudan" necklace here

Please see the movie when they receive the donation, and have patience, it's worth it :)

The Perfect World Foundation & Johan Billgren have a surprise for South Africa's elite Black Mamba Anti Poaching Unit from The Perfect World Foundation on Vimeo.

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