Honourable Ambassadors

Sarah, Duchess of York

  • TPWF Global Ambassador

Joel Kinnaman

  • Swedish Hollywood Actor

Martin Stenmarck

  • TPWF Compere

  • Swedish singer and entertainer


  • Tim Bergling was a Swedish world famous DJ (b.1989 – d. 2018)

  • Avicii became a TPWF ambassador in 2014 when contributing with a special Avicii Save the Rhino bracelet in support of the world's rhinos.


Shannon Elizabeth

  • American Actress

  • Wildlife conservationist

Victoria Silvstedt

  • International model and TV profile

Henry Brett

  • Former England Polo Captain

Elisabeth Andreassen

  • Norwegan singer and entertainer

Black Mamba

  • Ambassadors

  • The world's first unarmed all-women anti-poaching unit

Fredrick Federley

  • Swedish representative in the EU Parliament

Lars Hjälmered

  • Member of the Swedish Parliament

Johan Elmander

  • Former professional football player

  • The Blue Bucket Advocate

Alexandra Zazzi

  • Swedish chef and journalist

Jan Rippe

  • Swedish Actor and Comedian

Wings Sailing

  • Ambassadors

  • Swedish All-Women Sail Racing Team

Mattias Stafsing & Patrik Lernberger

  • Ambassadors


Mikael B

  • LA based Danish artist

Peder Lamm

  • Auctioneer

  • Swedish TV profile

Erik Blix

  • Swedish journalist

  • Radio and TV profile

Caroline Nilsson

  • Ambassador

Sophia Djiobaridis

  • Swedish journalist

  •  TV profile

Family Fredholm-Ferreira

  • Wildlife conservationists

  • TV and documentary profiles

Youth Ambassadors

Liam Pitts

  • Youth Ambassador

  • Wildlife Protector and Swedish TV profile

Taegen Yardley

  • Youth Ambassador

  • American Wildlife Activist

Olivia & Carter Ries

  • Youth Ambassadors

  • Wildlife conservation and environmental preservation educators

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