Hollywood celebrity Joel Kinnaman joins the Swedish wildlife organization, The Perfect World Foundation, to launch operation “The Blue Bucket”. A campaign with the aim to spread knowledge about, and to gather as much as possible of, the 8 billion kilos of plastic that ends up in our oceans every year.

    There are some 20 million leisure boats in the US alone – all now invited to participate in operation "The Blue Bucket", in which the blue bucket itself is both a symbol for and the tool of cleaning up our oceans. Living in California the Swedish Hollywood actor Joel Kinnaman spends a lot of his time, due to his surfing interest, in and near the ocean. Kinnaman now feels he has had enough, and actively wants to get engaged with these important issues. 

    “Not a day goes by, surfing or spending time near the ocean, without encountering loads of plastic and debris. We are all part of the problem through our consumption, and it is now time for all of us to take responsibility and start doing something about it,” says Joel Kinnaman.

    Sir David Attenborough: “A new operation Dynamo”

    During breakfast at the home of Sir David Attenborough a few weeks ago, when the founders of The Perfect Word Foundation, Ragnhild and Lars Jacobsson shared their plans for the new project “The Blue Bucket”, the 93-year-old world celebrity reminded them of "Operation Dynamo". An operation in 1940 where hundreds of thousands of British soldiers were evacuated from Dunkirk over the English Channel when Prime Minister Winston Churchill mobilized thousands of small private boats, and created the greatest fleet of that time.

    “The similarity between these two initiatives is striking, but now with a different purpose – namely to save the oceans,” says Sir David Attenborough, recipient of the organizations honorary award "The Conservationist of the Year 2018", in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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