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Veggiebag - 5 pieces

69 kr
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This handy set of 5 bags is the ideal starting kit for anyone who wants to reduce their use of small single use plastic bags. The smallest bag comes with a stopper which makes it not only perfect for peas or lime but also very convenient for storing the other bags in. 

By reusing Carrinets Veggiebags over and over again, you will drastically reduce the amount of plastic in your life and on our planet.

Fill your Veggiebags with apples, oranges, potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, lemons, avocadoes, sugar snaps, chillis - well with anyting you like.
If you use scanning labels in the grocery store, it place the label around the drawstring for easy scanning. Just make sure you don´t wrincle the barcode.

You can rinse the fruit or veggies through the bag when you get home.
You can use Veggiebags to store your fruits or veggies at home. The natural gas ethylene will be aired out through the mesh and oxygen will be let in. This can prolong the freshness of your veggies.

Wash Veggiebags when needed.

Material: 100% Polyester. Made in China.
Washing instructions: mashinwash 40 °. Hang to dry. The item may shrink. Pull gently when damp.
This set contains 2 bags 33x40 cm, 2 bags 28x30 cm and 1 bag 15x17 cm

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