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The Reminder

Reminding the person who wears it, and the people who see it about the global problems we have with both pollution and global warming.
4.300 kr
With shipment Standard Shipment for 40 kr
  • For every sold "The Reminder" - 25 USD is donated to The Perfect World Foundation.

    The artists philosophy about the timepiece:

    Case is in matte rusty finish, just as the dirty surface of the earth, underneath the rust there is gold; The fantastic planet we have and love! Laser cutting makes the gold visible under the rusty surface. The crown shows the globe in gold. Only number visible on the clock is 11, this is to remind us about that we need to make changes in our behavior, now! There is still time for us to make it happen, as to sayin ”the eleventh hour”, displayed date are in large size, so that we are reminded of every new amazing day in life. On each side of the strap there are reminding words, one side showing bad things for the globe and on the other side shows the good things we receive when we make the needed changes for the environment.

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