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Shop Bag

Perfect reusable shopping bag
49 kr
With shipment Standard Shipment for 40 kr


By reusing this Shop Bag from Carrinet, you will drastically reduce the amount of plastic in your life and on our planet.

We gave Shop bag a lot of thought to make it as cleaver and ergonomicallly as possible, so you can fill it as much as possible and it will still be easy and comfortable to carry.

The handles have double textile for extra comfort and strength. They are also a little bit longer so it will be easy to hang a heavy bag over your sholder.

Roll or fold your Shop Bag into the small pouch bag and it will easily fit into your hand bag or pocket, handy at all times.

Shop Bag is made of durable polyester to last through many shopping rounds. It will hold up to as much as approx 15 kg.

Wash your Shop Bag when needed.

Material: 100% Polyester. Made in China.
Washing instructions: Mashine wash 40 °. Hang to dry. The item may shrink. Pull gently when damp.
Measure: 39 ,5 x 43 cm Color: Green. White print.

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