• Climate AID Conference

Date: 16 September
Time: 9 am – 3 pm
Venue: The Göteborg Opera, Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Tickets

Ticket price:     2,400 SEK / person

  • Contact & sponsorship

For sponsorship or information about this year's climate conference, please contact Daniel Wilke at: daniel@theperfectworld.com or give Daniel a call at +46 73 632 98 27

16 SEPTEMBER, 2020
Climate Conference

The Climate AID-day begins with a climate conference in a “TPWF Talk” spirit. At The Göteborg Opera’s “Lilla Scen” (small stage), climate problematics and solutions will be addressed during inspiring 5-minute talks by well-known speakers. The conference will be rounded up in the afternoon with a panel discussion on the theme “Man was once part of nature”.

For sponsors we offer both tickets to the conference, time on stage and the opportunity to present the conference. In the lobby of the Göteborg Opera there will be opportunities for sponsors to set up their own booths, to meet the guests during the climate conference and also during the evening’s concert.

Some of the conference speakers

Anders Borg
Former Swedish Minister of Finance

Nina Jensen
CEO, REV Ocean

Terry Tamminen
Former CEO, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Inge Solheim
Norwegian Explorer

Paul de Gelder
Navy Diver & Shark Attack Survivor


Erik Solheim
UN Under-Secretary-General &
Executive Director UNEP

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