Wild animals at rescue and conservation projects around the world are in urgent need of help

Around the world, wild animal rescue and conservation projects are suffering from an urgent need of support due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lack of income from tourism and volunteer aid work has led to insufficient funds to care and feed the projects’ animals.

Your donation matters and will go to support and save these precious and vulnerable animals. Please help us support these important animal projects in a time of crisis. All donations make a differencesmall and large!

All donors receive a Corona AID donation certificate via email.

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    Wildlife and Coronavirus

    Bushmeat and Virus
    The Coronavirus is yet another manmade disaster. The virus can be traced back to illegal wildlife trade, when exotic wild animals from all over the world are hunted and brought together in huge wet markets in China. Feasting on exotic and endangered species, like Pangolins, has become a sign of status and wealth in some Asian countries. Illegal wildlife trade is only the source, and followed by other consequences for global wildlife.

    Tourism and income gone
    When tourism falls short due to travel restrictions, so does the main source of income for both people and animals at conservation projects, with devastating effects. Conservation projects around the world are suffering a lack of food, medical treatments and funds to keep anti-poaching teams running. When income from the tourism industry disappears, the poaching increases as an alternative source of income for starving people.

    Wildlife preservation in lockdown
    The new Coronavirus is not only a treat to humans, but also to animals like the great apes, putting extra pressure on conservation projects and endangered species that are already suffering these tough times. Scientists don’t know for certain what long-term consequence the virus will have for different animals, even a tiger at Bronx Zoo has tested positive for the coronavirus.

    Long-term actions are crucial
    There will be a life after the coronavirus but humanity cannot, and most probably will not, go back to business and traveling as usual. We have to remember that the next manmade disaster we need to tackle is the Climate crisis, and we need to find new technologies to enter a sustainable future business and traveling.

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